409A valuations

Receive defensible and fast 409A valuations. Pulley partners with third party providers with 100% audit defensibility to get you fast and reliable reports in less than five days.

Pro formas

Automatically generate complex pro forms to handle pre and post-money conversions, pro ratas, discounts, uncapped and capped SAFEs and notes.

Legal templates

Standard templates for options grants (international and domestic), SAFEs, and more. Handle signing and transactions directly through Pulley. Save on lawyer fees by handling transactions directly on Pulley.

Issue options & SAFEs

Issue employee option grants and investors SAFEs on Pulley. We handle signing and tracking grants to make it easy to manage all security processes on one platform.

Exercise options

Allow employees to pay for options electronically via ACH. Automatically exercise options once payment is received.

83(b) elections

Automatically generate 83(b)’s elections for early exercising options. Daily reminders to employees to insure your company stays compliant.

Complex vesting schedules

Support for milestone based vesting, accelerated vesting,  and custom vesting schedules.

Issue digital certificates

Electronically sign and issue certificates.

Stock splits & fractional shares

Pulley processes fractional shares (important when companies scale), and stock splits that can process instantly (other tools take three weeks to process a stock split).

Compliance & accounting

Manage ASC 718, form 3921, and 83(b) elections.

Integration with HR systems

Connect with Gusto & Rippling for easy HRIS integration.

Why companies chose us


Pulley 💚



Talk to a human! We know that cap table management can be confusing. We connect you with a person so you can ask questions on how to use Pulley. We do things that don’t scale so you can have a better experience.

Only support articles. Good luck if you have questions.

Onboarding time

We onboard most startups in one day. Send us what you have: documents, spreadsheet, etc. and we’ll pair you with a lawyer to get started. Talk to the same person throughout your onboarding so you don’t get lost.

Wait 4+ weeks while you talk to different support people. Go back-and-forth on documents and hope you eventually get onboarded.


Transparent & Simple. Flat fee for all your features.


409A valuations

< 5 business days

4+ weeks

No spam

We take your privacy seriously. We will never email your investor or stakeholders without your permission.

Emails your investors and employees to promote secondary services. (proof)

Ease of use & accuracy

Pulley is as easy and flexible to use as a spreadsheet. We allow you to make edits and changes easily. No need to email support.

Inflexible. Small edits require an email to support. See point above on slow support.



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Idea plan plus:

Electronically send & sign option grants, SAFEs, etc.

Cap table modeling

Concierge onboarding

Option and equity templates

Offer letters


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Startup plan plus:

409A valuations

Onboarding due diligence

Electronic option exercises

Rule 701

Form 3921

Board approvals

HRIS integration


Contact us

Growth plan plus:

ASC 718

Priority onboarding

Phone support

Waterfall modeling (coming soon)

Custom reports