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409A Valuations

Get an audit-defensible 409A in 5 days.

Sign & Track Docs

Issue and sign SAFEs, option grants, etc.

Model fundraising

Model dilution from SAFEs -> equity rounds.

Onboard in 1 day  🚀


Send us your documents

Onboard from Clerky, Carta, or
your spreadsheet


Sit back & relax

Pulley reviews your cap table and check for errors


Done in 1 day!

That’s it!
Go and run your business.

Helping companies at every stage

Pulley helps companies from seed -> unicorns

Recently incorporated? Confused about equity?
Pulley can help.
Request access and start for free today.
Prince Ghosh

Prince Ghosh

CEO, Workbench

"Pulley is the best cap table management product there is and @yinyinwu and the team make the onboarding absolutely seamless."

Raised funding and need to hire?
Get a 409A valuation on Pulley in five days.
Model your fundraising and know your ownership.
Liz Giorgi

Liz Giorgi

CEO, Soona.co

"It's not good enough to tweet about equality.What RBG shows us is that the boring, tedious and often laborious work is what moves the needle forward. It's WORK to move my entire cap table to Pulley. This is not work I *NEED* to do. It's a choice I'm making for a purpose."

Pulley provides ASC 718 and compliance tools that can scale with you.
Scaling quickly and need to stay compliant?
Learn how Pulley works with LLCs and late stage startups.
Allison Barr Allen

Allison Barr Allen

COO, Fast

"At Fast, we're excited to support Pulley, which is a new & rapidly-growing Cap Table management tool. The founder @yinyinwu is also great!"

5 min

Response time for support.
We are here when you need it.

1 day

Accurate onboarding in < 1 day.
Don't wait a month to onboard.


Startups choose Pulley.
Join the crowd and use Pulley.

Cap tables for all verticals


Trusted by Fast and backed by Stripe.


SF to Bengaluru. Equity for startups worldwide.


Model token grants. 409A for crypto startups


Model complex ownership structures.

Crowd Funding

Track Reg CF investors as a single entity.


Talk to us! We want to hear what you need.




per month

Get the basics:

Up to 20 stakeholders*

Cap table management

Share Certificates

* Introduce Pulley to your lawyer or 1 founder and get this plan free for life with unlimited stakeholders.



per month (annual contract)

Idea plan plus:

Electronically send & sign option grants, SAFEs, etc.

Cap table modeling

Concierge onboarding

Option and equity templates

Offer letters



per month (annual contract)

Startup plan plus:

409A valuations

Onboarding due diligence

Electronic option exercises

Rule 701

Form 3921

Board approvals

HRIS integration



per month (annual contract)

Growth plan plus:

ASC 718

Priority onboarding

Phone support

Waterfall modeling (coming soon)

ASC 718

Custom reports

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